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Shahara Alexander:

After leaving my career of 13 years in the corporate world and financial IT, I found my way into a Permaculture Design Course in May 2014, at the Panya Project in Thailand.

While on the course, I was so inspired to find a concept so positive and full of solutions to so many of our sustainability and environmental problems, that I co-founded GrowingSmart on immediate return to Hong Kong!

We are now a permaculture-based project which is centred around small-scale regenerative farming, and education. We are not only interested in food production but also in how to do that while leaving the land, biodiversity, nature and community around us in a better condition than we found it.

We are also dedicated to being part of the movement bringing farming back home to Hong Kong by sharing our work with both adults and children through various workshops and programs.

Permaculture has opened my eyes to living responsibly on the earth with a sense of enhancing life rather than compromising it.  With just a tiny shift in perception – I genuinely believe we can do anything.  :)


GrowingSmart is also very fortunate to work with many freelance, highly experienced permaculturists  who are involved in a variety of projects across Hong Kong.  We are all learning and growing together, and always looking forward to the next project where we can introduce permaculture to Hong Kong!