Company Team-Building Events With GrowingSmart


Company Team-Building Events With GrowingSmart

Recently, GrowingSmart acquired our own land on which to start our own permaculture-based farm project.

Located on Peng Chau Island – a 30-minute ferry ride from Central – we are surrounded by sea and hills, for a truly inspirational day out.


Working as part of a new team on our farm – with colleagues you would not usually work with – helps create bonds and friendships across an organisation.  This improves communication, collaboration and productivity – as well as creating a happier work place!

Whether you are interested in a single visit, or multiple visits over the year, we are happy to share with you everything that we know with our fullest care, passion and integrity.


Sample Activities:


Organic Daikon Radish

Wonky but delicious 🙂

Learn To Grow

In this activity, you will learn what organic means and the basic steps of organic farming: understanding the soil, how to condition it using organic methods, how to repel bugs naturally, how seeds grow etc. You will be given small gardening tools and taught how to till a plot of land and get it ready for planting.

You take away: knowledge on how to start growing your own vegetables.




Bamboo harvesting

Learn To Build

A permaculture farm involves constant building. Earthworks include paths, ponds, ditches and buildings. But it doesn’t stop there, we also want to make solar ovens, dehydrators, rocket stoves, bio-char, self-cleaning grey water systems – and that’s just to start. You will be fully involved in helping us build some aspect of our farm.

You take away: the confidence to start building something yourself.


GrowingSmart also offers further full and half day team-building activities, tours and workshops as part of our continuing commitment to explore and appreciate the natural, environmental & cultural heritage of Hong Kong.

If we do not know it, we cannot care about it and therefore we cannot protect it.

Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂