About Our vision, our values

  “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” ― Bill Mollison


Regarding the global nature of the social, political and environmental crisis facing humanity, arguably half of the world’s people are uninformed, ill-informed or deluded.  Most of us are suffering as a consequence of that crisis, but don’t understand how or why.  Permaculture can make a difference and GrowingSmart.HK is a project aimed at raising awareness of permaculture in Hong Kong.

Even if many of us have awakened to a sense that something is deeply wrong, most of us do not yet know how we can make a difference.


rooftop gardening

Permaculture is the study of natural growing methods, natural building and self-sustainability – small or large scale.  How does this help?  Well, through just a little knowledge of how to literally take care of ourselves, we suddenly find ourselves empowered.  Through this empowerment, we find ourselves inspired.  Through this inspiration, we find ourselves hopeful.  Suddenly, nothing is inevitable.  Suddenly, we find choices we never thought we had.

Learning how to be self-reliant is just one or two steps away for any of us.  It really is embarrassingly simple. And the best part? It is also really, really fun. 🙂


herb workshop 2GrowingSmart.HK  – through permaculture-based programs, workshops and volunteer activities – hopes to awaken, inspire and encourage incremental changes in the normal daily lives of anyone who is interested.

We aspire to support the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share – the foundation of the permaculture philosophy.  

We may not be able to change everything in our lives, but we can all be pioneers of a better way of living.

Whether we decide to stop using plastic bags, start an indoor herb garden, build a solar oven, create a rooftop farm, start recycling all of our trash and composting all of our food waste or simply decide to join days out on a farm… whatever we feel we can do, we don’t have to do it alone.   Every step is a step in becoming the change we want to see.

Join our community and lets grow smart together.

The GrowingSmart.HK Team