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Hong Kong’s Best Kept Secret

The beaches and trails of Hong Kong are truly  a pleasant revelation to anyone new to Hong Kong. However, even for those familiar with this surprising aspect of Hong Kong, there is still another secret that only a few seem to...


2014: Our Year in Pictures! Happy New Year!

2014: Our Year in Pictures! GrowingSmart.HK is a project that is passionate about permaculture in Hong Kong. In 2014, we started this project to share our passion and also begin our own journeys into more sustainable ways...


Start The Journey To Nature

In permaculture, there is something known as the 12 design principles.  These were first articulated by David Holmgren in his book Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. If we want to build something, or grow something, these...


Hymn to the soil

  “One who accepts the dung of the nation becomes the master of soil and sustenance. One who deals with the evils of the nation becomes king under heaven.” — Lao Tzu, Tao Te...


Nursing your babies (plants)

In gardening term, a nursery is a structure where you can grow seedlings for your plants in a way where the effects of weather factors are less impacting or can be controlled. Its normally...


Can Birds Dance? Yes, They Can!

hen I moved to Hong Kong, Papua with it’s famous birds of paradise became within ‘reach’.  So we dedicated this summer holiday to go to West Papua and the Raja ampat islands. Our mission:...